Brittany Holtz

Hello, I'm Brittany! I'm a yogi, wife, entrepreneur, Realtor, founder of STUDIO B POWER YOGA and B STRENGTH, and the mom of 2 crazy pit bulls. I grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where I enjoyed being active in gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer, and weightlifting.  

After graduating from College with a degree in Political Science, I ditched plans to attend law school and accepted a fancy, high-paying job in finance.  The stress and toxicity of that job brought me to yoga and my life was forever changed (You can learn more about my career journey here).

Yoga taught me to live with intention, to WAKE UP, to stop going with the flow and start getting purposeful about my life, to be up to bigger things and to treat myself and others with compassion. I have combined my passion for yoga with my love of weightlifting to teach people how be healthy, strong and confident!

Today, I enjoy practicing and teaching yoga and meditation, executing new business ideas, sharing tips about business and real estate, exploring healthy recipes, and spending time with my husband, Josh, and pit bulls, Champ and Livy.

I recently released my first ebook, Learn Power Yoga Now: A Beginner's Guide to Power Yoga that you can download here.