Top 5 Tips: Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle and a Busy Schedule


Whether you work a 9-5, are a busy college student or a stay-at-home mom, managing a full workload AND staying on track with health and fitness is HARD! The catch-22, of course, is that exercising and eating healthy are the fuel that keeps you going. The busier your are, the more you'll benefit from clean eating and daily physical activity.

Ready to make your health and fitness a priority while thriving at work/home/social obligations? Here are my top five tips for balancing a healthy lifestyle and a busy schedule......

My Top 5 Tips for Balancing a Healthy Lifestyle and a Busy Schedule

1.) Just Move

If you sit at your job or spend a lot of time in your car, you're probably well aware of how being sedentary for long periods of time can make you feel...for lack of a better term, crap! 

Have you ever heard of the pomodoro technique? It's a time management method that breaks down work into 25-50 minute blocks, paired with 5-10 minute breaks. I recommend implementing this method to keep you moving at work. When you sit down at your desk, set a 50-minute timer. When the timer goes off, get up and move around. Not only will you find yourself more productive at work, but you'll feel more energized and add some steps to that fitbit of yours. Two birds with one stone, anyone?

Use your phone's timer or a handy tool like the Tomato Timer

2.) Drink Up

And, I'm not talking about coffee. While a cup of joe might give you the buzz you need in the morning, drinking coffee in the afternoon can make you feel more tired and/or prevent you from getting to bed on time (see #5). Drinking water will help you stay hydrated and energized, and will also help prevent/fight off cravings. Need more motivation? Drinking water is amazing for your skin.

I recommend carrying a water bottle with you everywhere. My personal favorite is the CamelBak BPA free Eddy. I have the 1Liter and aim to fill it up 4 times a day.

Want to kill THREE birds with that stone of yours? (I despise this analogy, by the way. Who wants to kill birds?!?).  When your 50-minute timer goes off in the middle of a work sesh, drink a glass of water or fill up your water bottle while you're up moving around!

3.) Plan Ahead

Schedule your meals and workouts as if they were appointments on your jam-packed schedule. On Sunday, take a look at the week ahead. Pencil in gym times, sign up for local yoga classes, or schedule group runs with friends. Take some extra time to cook healthy meals for the week ahead. If you have plans with friends or coworkers, scan be menu beforehand. Is there a celebration at work or your kids school that week? Plan on bringing a healthy option. Colleagues and other parents will appreciate this more than you know! 

I personally recommend setting your alarm super early and getting that workout in BEFORE the day gets the best of you. I promise, after a while that early am wakeup call will feel like 2nd nature. Maybe ; )

4.) Keep Healthy Snacks in Your Desk and Your Car

Did you forget your meal at home? Have an appointment that ran late? Keep healthy, grab-and-go snacks at your office and in your car. I love KIND bars and Larabars for quick afternoon snacks.  Most gas stations and convenience stores offer pretty healthy options these days, too. Give one a try before autopilot takes you to the McDonalds Drive Thru. You'll be surprised at the options!

5.) Get More/Better Sleep

Set a bed time that allows you to get as close to 8 hours of sleep as possible. An hour before that bedtime, log off of your electronic devises, light a candle, take a bath, read a book (a real one!) and do some restorative yoga poses. Sleep is crucial for your health and productivity - make it a priority!

Q: What are your tips for balancing health/fitness with your busy schedule?