a big day + a look back

August 24th is a big day for me. For one, it's my birthday!! I turn 27 today and I have to admit it freaks me out a little how close I am getting to 30. Today also marks one year since I graduated from Yoga Teacher Training. Wow, so much can happen in a year, right?

Since I've been a way from the blogosphere for all of age 26, I'll catch you up on the big things that happened this past year.


On this day last year I officially graduated from a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Evolution Power Yoga. The experience taught me more than just how to teach yoga. It taught me how to get clear on my goals, communicate more effectively, recognize all the possibility around me, and how to get really intentional. It also helped me cultivate a meditation practice that I am eternally grateful for.

If you are interested in a full recap of my thoughts on YTT, let me know!


When I graduated yoga teacher training, I had NO plans of opening a studio...it wasn't on my radar at all!! Owning a business, however, has always been one of my long term goals and was something I started to think more and more about after graduation. Let's just say when you start getting intentional about your goals (I write out my longterm goals EVERY day!) and get open to possibility, magical things happen. I met a few people, took action on a few goals, explored various ideas, and BAM a few weeks after teaching yoga, I was signing a lease to open my own studio. I was (and still am) working a full time job and had absolutely NO financial backing whatsoever (no rich mommy/daddy/hubby over here). It was a scary thing to do, but I did it and I'm so happy I did. I love the STUDIO B community and am excited to watch it grow and evolve.


That's right, I love my husband so much that I married him twice! The first time was in March and was for legal purposes only. We went to the courthouse, just the two of us, in our jeans, and had chic-fil-a afterwards. In April we had a destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico with our immediate family only. It was the most amazing experience and I wish I could do it again and again. I definitely understand now why people renew their vows. It's so much fun! Just like opening a business though, marriage has proven to be serious work. I guess all things worth having are. Stay tuned for a full recap coming soon!