Paddleboard Yoga with Jess Bell & Drifter Paddleboards

Over the weekend I had the wonderful experience of trying Paddleboard Yoga...finally! I know, where have I been?

Paddleboard Yoga has been on my list for quite some time now. When I learned a local yoga teacher was offering these classes nearby, I jumped on the opportunity. 

The rumors are true, paddle boarding alone is a workout and requires a TON of core strength! When I first got on the board I thought how in the heck am I going to do yoga on this thing?!? By the time we paddled our way to the middle of the river though, I was already feeling more comfortable on the board. Our paddleboards came with anchors which worked great with the rocky bottom of the Susquehanna and allowed us to stay together. 

We started class in a seated position with breathing exercises and some gentle movements. Our instructor, Jess was a truly gifted teacher. Her comforting voice, gentle flow, and the calmness of the river made for a perfectly peaceful class.

Jess taught a modified vinyasa flow. We started with a few sun salutations using half-kneeling hip-felxor stretches in place of warrior poses. How awesome was our view with the Capitol Building in the background?

From there we moved into standing poses which were much more challenging then the seated or kneeling poses. I found side-facing, wide-leg forward bend and twisting crescent lunge to be the most difficult pose of the entire practice!

Towards the end of class Jess gave us some time to "play" and explore poses. I couldn't wait to try headstand, wheel, and crow. The first two came easy, but crow not so much. I did eventually hold it for a mili second.


Savasana on the river was epic. I absolutely loved the entire experience. There is just something so serene about being on the water. If you are local, definitely check out Jess Bell and Drifter Paddleboards. They offer SUP yoga classes along the Susquehanna River and the Yellow Breeches Creek throughout the summer.

Q: Have you tried SUP yoga? Would you?