Our Destination Wedding Recap - Part Three

Our wedding ceremony took place on our third day in Mexico. Although we were already legally married and there was literally NO pressure regarding the ceremony arrangements, I woke up a ball of nerves and could sense Josh was a nervous wreck too!

We spent the morning by the pool until it was time for my hair appointment. I quickly snuck back to the room, left Josh a wedding day gift, and then caught a golf cart to the spa. While I was getting my hair done (Nelly at the spa was fabulous, by the way!), the boys made their way to one room and the girls made their way to another.

Funny story, apparently everyone started to get worried when my hair appointment took longer than expected and no one heard from me. As I was leaving the salon, there stood Josh, on his way to find me!!!! At least my makeup wasn't done yet. We had a good laugh about it and rode back to the resort on the golf cart together!

Back at the resort I met up with the girls, slipped into a robe and did my makeup. We ordered room service, drank Mexican beer, and waited for the photographer, Nick, to finish up with the boys.

Nick captured so many great shots of each of group getting ready for the big day. Here are some of my favorites!

After everyone was ready and photographed, Nick and our wedding planner, Pamela, led us all to our destinations. Josh and I decided to do a "First See" before the ceremony. It was such an exciting and special moment that we will never forget. As soon as we saw one another, my nerves immediately subsided. 

As we were walking into the ceremony together, I asked Josh if he could imagine having that moment in front of dozens of people and he agreed absolutely not. We were so glad we did it this way.

The ceremony itself was quick and fun. We decided to have it under a gazebo instead of in the church or on the beach. We thought with such a small group, the gazebo was the perfect, intimate setting.

After we were pronounced husband and wife, we had a champagne toast and made our way to the beach for photos. Walking to the beach was a really fun moment. We had to walk through the main pool area which was PACKED. People were cheering and taking pictures. My nephew was definitely the fan favorite. Iberostar only allows one wedding a day which I really liked. In fact, we only saw one other wedding the entire week we were there!

We even ran into a peacock on the way!! Apparently its rare for them to be roaming the beach, so we felt pretty lucky!

Nick was the best photographer we could've asked for. He was so sweet and creative and thorough. He got so many amazing shots....Again, here are some of my favorites.

After pictures we had about an hour or so to go back to our rooms and clean up for the rest of the evening. I changed into a cooler, more casual dress and we all met up for our reception dinner  at the Mexican restaurant on property, El Tapatio. 

Since the wedding I have gotten more compliments on my reception dress than my actual wedding dress. For those of you wondering, I found it at Charlotte Russe for $29.99. It was originally longer, but I had it hemmed.

Dinner and dessert were amazing. What's a celebration without chips, salsa and guac, right? For our wedding cake we chose strawberry cheesecake and agreed it was the BEST cake we'd ever eaten. The authentic tacos were some of the best I've ever had too. What really made the night, though, was the service. 

After dinner we spent a few hours drinking at chatting it up at the bar before calling it a night. We were all exhausted from the heat and excitement of the day, and I was anxious to switch resorts the next morning. When we arrived back at the room it was decorated in rose petals and there was a bottle of champagne on a bucket of ice. The perfect way to end a perfect day.

Thank you to Nick our photographer, Pamela our wedding coordinator, and the wait staff at El Tapatio for making this day one of the best days of our lives. They were some of the friendliest, happiest, and most attentive people I've ever met and i will never, ever forget them!

Stay tuned for my final recap post where I'll highlight the honeymoon. You don't want to miss it!