Gulliver's Run 5k + Video Tutorial Bloopers

I've only been filming yoga tutorials for a few weeks, but I've already accumulated a number of bloopers. The funniest blooper moments seem to share a common denominator. Check out the video and let me know if you can figure out what that is!

If you guessed Livy, you guessed right! She is such a spunky little pup. Champ is much more laid back and can entertain himself for hours (he actually plays fetch with himself!). Livy, on the other hand, needs constant attention from either Champ or the nearest human.  I was never a dog person until I adopted Champ a few years ago and now I'm totally "that person". They are so loving and protective and provide endless hours of entertainment.

Speaking of dogs, I just registered to participate in the 3rd Annual Gulliver's Run at Pinchot Park this November. This is a trail run that benefits research for canine cancer. The scenery is beautiful at Pinchot Park this time of year and the race is extremely well organized with tons of food and entertainment afterwards. The best part? Particpants are invited to bring their dogs!! Livy and I have run it since it's inception and last year I even convinced my niece to tag along! She and no idea what she was in for and half way through looks at me and says, "people actually do this for fun?!?" haha.

At one point I was actually running with her on my back and Livy tugging on my arm. I have no idea what our time was and could care less. We had so much fun running/walking together and taking in the scenery.

If you are local, I definitely recommend participating. It's a fun day, the scenery is beautiful, and it benefits a great cause!

For more information about this race, visit the Gulliver's Run Facebook Page and the Running Against Canine Cancer website.