Weekend Recap - Teacher Training

Happy Monday : ) I am here today with a weekend recap...Teacher Training style.

Yoga Teacher Training is much different than other forms of fitness certifications. While many personal training and group fitness certs can be completed in a day, a weekend or even a one-time test, becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance requires completing a 200 hour program with a Registered Yoga School.

I am currently co-leading one of these programs with Pat O'Connell over at Yoga on Chocolate. Our program consists of eight, 23-hour weekends over a six month period. So what could we possibly do for 23 hours in a weekend? That's what I'm sharing today!

Every weekend has the same structure, but the details vary. Here is a look at Weekend 7 of the 2016-2017 Training!

Friday Evening - Practice, Assisting Workshop and Discussion

Last weekend's training started on Friday at 5pm. We briefly discussed what's been happening since the last time we were together and covered housekeeping stuff for the weekend ahead. At 5:30pm we took a Vinyasa Flow class together followed by a quick break. 

After break we led the group through a hands-on assisting workshop. Assisting is intimidating, so many new teachers shy away from it, but it is also powerful and something that sets a great teacher apart from a good teacher.

We ended the evening with a discussion of the book we read between weekends, The Heart of the Soul by Gary Zukav and wrapped up at 9pm.

Saturday - Meditation, Practice & Anatomy

Saturday morning started bright and early at 8am with student-led group meditation. Participants were asked to share how their meditation practice is going overall - what's working, what's not, how they feel during and after, etc. We also discussed various tools for meditating and teaching meditation. 

The Teacher Trainees practiced with the 9:30 class while I assisted them. It had been a long time since I assisted an entire class so it was a great refresher for me! After class we had a quick break followed by a session on Bandhas and Pranayama before we broke for lunch.

After lunch we spent the rest of the afternoon practice teaching. We are getting close to the end (just one more weekend left!) so the TT's are getting anxious to get more practical experience.

yoga teacher training

Saturday ended at 5pm. No matter how we do it, Saturday is a LONNNG day! By this point our bodies are beat and our brains are fried.

Sunday - Meditation, Practice,  Anatomy & Practice Teaching

On Sunday we met again at 8am, but this time at STUDIO B, Harrisburg. We began with a student-led meditation and discussion. Lucky for me, the student chose a guided meditation that included a trip to the beach! After meditation I taught and the TT's joined the 9:30 class. Despite being exhausted, the group brought a ton of energy to class that I was so grateful for!

After class we discussed the ethics and business of yoga then broke for lunch.

The afternoon was spent on Anatomy and more Practice Teaching. We took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and took things outside, something we haven't been able to do all training.

One topic we didn't cover this weekend that we normally spend a good bit of time on is Personal Development/Goal Setting. This is a powerful component of the training where we focus on ironing out who we are, what are purpose is, aligning our lives around our purpose and creating visions and goals. 

The next time we meet will be graduation weekend. I am so excited for this group of Trainees to start sharing their light and love with the world in the form of yoga. They are all going to be such excellent teachers and I can't wait to see how they manifest their unique talents and gifts.