What Will You B?

Setting goals and creating intentions play a big role in my life. I say all the time that the biggest impact yoga has had on me is that it's taught me to wake up and live life on purpose. Part of that involves spending time every day reflecting on my actions and decisions, thinking about my goals, evaluating where I'm at, where I want to go and how I'm going to get there.  And while I do this pretty much daily, the end of the year marks a special time to evaluate and plan in a bigger-picture kind of way.

Last year on New Years Day I wrote a blog post, Setting Intentions....for 2016 and Beyond, where I declared 2016 was going to be ridiculously amazing. Exactly one year later I can proudly say, it was. And not just because I said it was going to be, but because I took the time to think about what it would mean for the year ahead to be "ridiculously amazing," what that required from me and how I'd go about making those things happen.

2016 was a really great year for me. I accomplished my long term goal of becoming a full time business owner when I resigned from my comfy, full time job in May. I spent the summer enjoying the summer. That meant lots of time outside and near water, the best tan I've ever had, and quality time with my niece and nephew. I opened a second studio, another long term goal off the list, led a yoga & fitness retreat, and stepped deeper into my role as "teacher" by co-leading a 200hr teacher training. I strengthened existing friendships and partnerships and got to know some new and really interesting people. I unapologetically said goodbye to what and who was holding me back and sucking my energy. I also strengthened my relationship with myself. And while I continue to be flawed and make mistakes, I understand my flaws much better and feel better equipped to navigate the year ahead. As I look back on the list I created at the end of last year, I can honestly say I achieved everything I wanted to and more, which includes getting closer to some of my loftier, long term goals.

I don't typically share my specific goals on a platform like this, but I will share that I don't have any huge goals for 2017. I don't want to do anything new or additional. I want to do what I'm doing now, but better. My goals for the year ahead revolve around being a better, stronger and more confident person, teacher, student, mentor, mentee, business owner, friend, wife, etc. I've spent the past few weeks getting clear and specific about what that means and how I will accomplish those things.

If you haven't yet, I invite you to spend some time reflecting on 2016. What worked? What didn't? What would have made it better? What small, attainable changes can you make right away? What big, lofty goals can you start working towards? How can you show up more? For yourself and for others? I suggest you write these things down on paper. If you just think about them, you'll probably continue to just think about them. Put pen to paper, make a plan, create actions steps, then take action. 

At STUDIO B, our catch phrase is, "What will you B?". So I'll end this post by asking, in 2017, what will you B?

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