STUDIO B Field Trip - Wall Yoga

I hope you had a good weekend and that the time change isn't effecting you too badly this Monday morning. It gets me every year!

I had a very busy two days filled with all things yoga! On Saturday I taught two classes in the morning and then went to lunch with friends. Saturday mornings are a lot of fun at the studio. We offer a $5 donation-based class on Saturday's at 11:15 and it always seems to attract new students. Some are just new to the studio while some are new to yoga altogether. I really enjoy teaching classes with various levels of students in attendance. It's a great learning experience not only for the new students but for the experienced ones as well...and definitely for me as an instructor!

On Sunday we took our first ever STUDIO B field trip. Our destination was West End Yoga in downtown Lancaster for a Yoga on the Wall Class.


The purpose of yoga on the wall is to enhance proper alignment, stretch the spine, and provide the benefits of supported inversions. Let me tell you, it did all of the above and more! My back felt amazing after class and my abs and upper body were so sore! Some of the movements stretched my shoulders and arms in ways  I've never experienced before. Our instructor, Beth, was really amazing and explained the movements and WHY we were doing them so well. 

wall yoga

I have to say I enjoyed this much more than aerial yoga. I have only tried aerial once, but I get motion sick very easily and swaying on the silk made me very dizzy. It was definitely fun though and certainly worth trying if you haven't already. I felt yoga on the wall gave me a deeper stretch and challenged me more from a strength standpoint. Like our instructor said, the wall can be very humbling!

After class a couple of us grabbed lunch at Rachel's Cafe & Creperie. Oh. My. Word. This place was AMAZING!! I ordered the Steve Murray special:  a breakfast burrito with brie cheese, sausage and a side of hash browns. Words can't even describe how good it was and while I wish I would've taken a pic, I'm sure it wouldn't have done it any justice. For dessert, the three of us shared the Fresh Berry Cheesecake and the Banana Walnut Crepes.


To. Die. For. Seriously, if you are ever in the area you MUST try this place. Definitely not something I could eat every day, but a nice now-and-then treat for sure!

I ended the weekend with some heavy-duty meal prepping and workout-planning to make up for my epic cheat day. I always feel better going into the week with a plan, especially after splurging like that!

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