Intentions Are Powerful Things: I Quit my 9-5.

I finally did it! After 10 years of being in the workforce, I have left my 9-5 job to pursue being a business owner and entrepreneur full time. Friday was my last day as an "employee". I cannot believe this is actually happening.

It has always been a dream of mine to be in business for myself. Ever since I was a kid I've talked about owning my own business. I can remember exploring college majors and careers thinking that whatever I chose, I'd create a business out of it. Of course, things didn't exactly work out that way. After college I accepted a full-time position with the company I had been working for and, as per adulthood, started racking up bills (house, car, phone, etc.). It wasn't long before I was addicted to the "stability" of a guaranteed paycheck. I got stuck in the trap.

My 9-5 worked for a while until the urge to start my own business crept back in. It was around this time that I discovered yoga. I always say that the number one benefit of yoga, for me, is that it "woke me up" and taught me to live ON PURPOSE. My yoga practice showed me that I had been just going with the flow for too long and that if I truly wanted to feel fulfilled, I would need to start living with intention and being proactive about my future. Around the same time, I started reading books and blogs about personal development, goal setting, productivity, happiness, etc. It was the perfect storm for me to start getting clear about my goals and taking action on them.

yoga forearm stand

That time was about four and a half years ago and I haven't looked back since. I could write an entire book about all the steps I've taken that have brought me to where I am today (maybe I will!), but the single most important thing I've done is set intentions (you can read more about what intentions are and how to set them here). For the past few years I have started each day by writing out my intentions and goals for both the long and short-term future. All I can say is that when you articulate your goals, especially on paper, it is a powerful, powerful thing.

This was never more clear to me than shortly after I went through yoga teacher training. During our last weekend together, we were asked to write out a 10-year vision with the specific instructions to go big or go home. About six months later, just about every single part of my vision was a reality. When I realized this, I knew it was time to really bunker down, think bigger and push forward.


I would be remiss if I left out the other part of the equation and that is super hard work. If I hadn't married action to my intentions, none of them would have come true. For the past few years I have side-hustled like crazy and put in countless 18-hour days. I've neglected sleep, my husband, my home, my health, and even my dogs. I have experienced frustration, failure, let-down and doubt. There have been countless bumps along the way and I know there will be more to come. There is a reason, after all, that this path is the road less traveled. Of course I am nervous and scared about this new journey, but more than anything I am excited and confident that I've made the right decision. When I was going back and forth about whether or not it was time to take the leap, what scared me most of all was what I'd feel like years from now if I didn't.

Before I sign off for the day, I want to say how absolutely grateful I am to everyone who has supported and encouraged me along the way. If it wasn't for your support and belief in me, I'd never be able to do this. A special shout-out to my husband whose reaction to my resignation was, "Thank God!". Thank you for having faith in me and my crazy ideas.