Another Year, Another Intention

At the end of every year, I set an intention for the year ahead. This has been a tradition of mine since 2013 ( I think?).

Last year my intention was "I am standing on solid ground". I had accomplished so many of my goals so quickly that I felt I needed a year to really ground down and create a solid foundation for myself before taking any new steps. 

As we wrap up 2017, I can honestly say I finally do feel like I am standing on solid ground. I've officially been in business for over three years, I've been a full time business owner for one-and-a-half of those years, and I've gotten through a number of speed bumps this year with grace and integrity (more on those later).

Now that I've created that foundation for myself, my intention for 2018 is "I am creating opportunities for others to shine". I am going to continue to grow my businesses with the intention of creating a platform for others to do work that they love in an environment that is supportive, progressive and fun. This is how I plan to be of service in a bigger way in 2018. 

Of course, I'll be setting more concrete goals and action steps for myself as well, but they will all be guided by my theme/intention for the year. To learn more about goals vs intentions, check out this post.

Thanks for reading. 

Brittany HoltzComment