Building a new house.

My husband and I are building a new house!

Well, nothing is official yet, but that's the plan.

I built the current house we live in when I was 22, single, and had no intentions of ever being married or "settled down".

One husband and two pit bulls later, it's time for more space. Also, I'm tired of driving all over central pa every day, multiple times a day.

We have been looking for the perfect lot, neighborhood and builder for over a year and we are getting warmer!

Why we want to build:

  • Homes are flying off the market and competition is tough. We can't live in temporary housing because of the dogs, so we don't have as much flexibility/negotiating power. 
  • We are picky. We like the idea of being able to customize and design our home exactly the way we want it. 
  • We aren't handy. If we were, being picky wouldn't matter, because we could just buy an existing home and make it ours. But, we don't want to have to do many house projects after we move in. Partly because we are both so busy, but mostly because we just aren't good at it.
  • I've built before and loved the process. I love having a big project in front of me. While the idea of building might seem grueling to some, it's exciting to me. I had a great experience the first time and am excited to do it again.

All of the items above are totally personal. For a lot of people, building a home is not the most practical/desirable option. For us, it is. 

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