I'm Officially a Realtor

I have always been super interested in Real Estate. One of my earliest childhood memories was exploring houses in our neighborhood while they were being built. My friends and I would sneak into the homes while they were under construction - we'd explore the different rooms, play hide-and-seek and play with the supplies and equipment left behind by the contractors.  If our parents (and the contractors) only knew ; )

When we eventually moved out of that neighborhood I remember the excitement of searching for a new house. I loved going to open houses and looking in the newspaper and online for new places to live. I always imagined I'd work in the industry as a kid, but by the time I graduated high school we were on the cusp of the greatest financial crisis in modern history. The housing bubble was about to burst and going into the real estate or construction industries just didn't seem practical.

Fast forward to earlier this year. I had finally settled into a routine with being in business for myself full time and was looking for something additional. Not that running my businesses doesn't keep me busy - it does - but I was craving something different. Not only to feed  my creativity, but also to diversify my income. I was exploring a couple of different options when my friend, a real estate broker, asked me to join his company. It was completely unexpected, but totally perfect. Why hadn't I thought of that?

The next day I signed up for an online course and about 6 weeks later I took and passed my exam. I'll share more details here on the blog about the course and tests themselves with tips for studying and taking the test in case you are considering becoming a licensed agent. 

If you are interested in buying or selling, I'd love to help! Below is all my real estate contact info!

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