You Don't Need Me

One of the best lessons my dad ever taught me was to not trust someone just because of their title. He used to tell me all of the time that police officers (he was one himself), teachers, politicians, priests, etc. are just regular people. He warned me that many people in power didn't have good intentions and often abused their powers. I took his advice so seriously that I even got kicked out of CCD for refusing to go to confession. I can still picture Sister Carol's face when my ten-year-old self told her I didn't feel comfortable going into a room alone with a priest. She wasn't happy, to say the least, and I never did get confirmed.

I’ve carried that lesson with me my whole life and even into my yoga career. It's part of the reason I decided to open my own studio and not associate with just one teacher or group or style.  While I respect people who have worked hard to become leaders in the industry, I'm just not willing to give my complete trust and loyalty to one person or group. Sure, there are people I admire and respect, I go to different trainings and workshops, I read lots of books and listen to different podcasts, but I filter everything through my own mind, body and intuition. 

What I've learned from both my dad and my yoga practice is that my best teacher is inside of me. And your best teacher is inside of you. We are full of so much wisdom and power, all we have to do is listen! You don't need some "guru" to tell you what's right vs wrong, and  you certainly don't need me. 


Brittany HoltzComment