How to Barbell Hip Thrust + Dealing With Creepers at the Gym

On the heels of my last post, My Favorite Booty Building Exercises, today I'm taking a deeper look into my favorite move of them all, the barbell hip thrust!

Why You Should Barbell Hip Thrust

We talked about this in my last post, but I'll just reiterate that having strong glutes is super healthy. It can help improve athletic performance and reduce risk of injury. The barbell hip thrust is a great way to target the glutes specifically, so if you are interested in growing your glutes without growing your legs, this movement should definitely be in your routine!

Hesitations About Barbell Hip Thrust.

Hip Thrusting is an awkward movement, especially if you're doing it at a public gym. The benefits of the movement, however, far outweigh the awkwardness. I've been doing barbell hip thrusts in the gym for years. Yes, I've gotten weird stares and inappropriate comments -  watch the video below to hear more about how I handled an awkward hip thrusting experience. The bottom line is this, the barbell hip thrust is a great movement and you deserve to be strong and healthy. Get comfortable with the movement by watching videos online, reading blogs, and practicing in private and then strut your ass into that gym and do it. Don't let someone else's insecurity hold you back from becoming your best self. Maybe bring a supportive friend along the first couple times you perform it in the gym or hire a trainer for a session or two for moral support. If someone makes an inappropriate comment/gesture, REPORT THEM!

How to Set Up for the Barbell Hip Thrust

Before we get into the movement, lets talk about how to set up for the barbell hip thrust. First and foremost you will need a sturdy bench. If your bench is even the least bit wobbly, I recommend using two benches and setting them up in a T shape like the picture below. 

barbell hip thrust

You will want to set the barbell up parallel to the bench. It's important to use weights that are tall enough to allow you room to roll the bar over your thighs. Even if you aren't using a lot of weight, make sure you use the taller weight plates to set up. 

In the picture above you'll notice I have a pad around the bar. This is really important. You'll want some sort of support between you and the implement to protect your hips. If you do not have a bar pad you can fold up a yoga mat to use between your hips and the bar. 

how to peform the barbell hip thrust

To perform the movement, step your feet under your knees. I like to point my fee out slightly, but you don't have to. It's important to note that you should maintain a neutral spine throughout the entire movement, including your neck. Next, brace your entire body and drive down through your feet to lift the hips. Be careful not to overextend your back. Keep your body braced as you lower the hips.

Check out the video below for more instructions and to see the movement in action!