Welcome to BrittanyHoltz.com

Welcome to BrittanyHoltz.com - I'm so glad you stopped by! Blogging has always held a special place in my heart and I am really excited to get back at it.

A few years ago I decided to leave a lucrative career in finance and forge a path of my own in the wellness industry. The problem was, I had no idea WHAT I wanted to do or HOW to make money doing it. Not to mention I had no experience or expertise in the industry, just an interest and a gut feeling. So I decided to start a blog to get the ball rolling and Protein and Pumps was born.

Writing about health and fitness every day opened up many doors for me. It taught me about the industry, about operating a website/online business, and introduced me to great people and fun opportunities. Most importantly, writing everyday about something I enjoyed taught me about myself - I learned what makes me tick, what inspires me, and how I want to share that with the world.

It wasn't long before just writing about these things was not enough and I had to start taking action. So I decided to close up shop on the blog and do just that. What followed was over a year of trying, failing, succeeding, and learning. I started opened a yoga studio, got married, left my full-time job, and transitioned to a plant-based diet. As a result of this journey I have discovered so much about myself, the wellness industry, and business in general. I've focused in on my own niche and got clear about want I want to be involved in and, most importantly, what I don't.

So here I am, coming full-circle back to blogging, the thing that started it all. I want to share with you what I've learned and continue to learn on this journey of wellness and entrepreneurship. I also want to hear your stories and learn about the challenges you're facing. More than anything, I want to create a community of like-minded people who support one another and encourage each other to be up to bigger things. I so look forward to engaging with you, sharing stories, and growing together as a community. You in?

Talk Soon,