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What will you B?

My aim through all of my offerings is to help people discover and live life to their fullest potential.

Within each of us is a purpose and a power to achieve that purpose, but for most people that purpose and power has been buried under jobs, bills, deadlines, routines and doubt. My job is to help you peel away the layers and discover what has been there all along - your truest most vibrant self just waiting to be awakened.

My Story.


“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes… and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility”

— Eleanor Roosevelt



At STUDIO B we offer a heated power vinyasa flow that is challenging, but fun, and will leave you feeling energized and empowered. You can come just for the workout - which you'll get - but don't be surprised if something bigger starts to happen. Yoga transforms lives and at STUDIO B, we are all about that. We are a community of leaders that are up to big things. We support and encourage each other both on and off the mat. There's no pre requisites to join. We don't care what kind of yoga clothes you wear, what your experience level is, or if you drink green juice for breakfast or not. 


open seven days a week. two convenient locations. another on the way ; )

visit STUDIOBPOWERYOGA.COM for more info about our classes, workshops, teacher trainings and more.